Hello! I'm Farial. Welcome to “FarialLovesCakes”, the name a very good friend gave my culinary adventure. This is where I share my love for food, both sweet and savory, for what is life without sweet food memories with a pinch of salt, always with a pinch of salt?

I love making cakes that tell a story. It gives me great pleasure to bake, ice and mold little figures which come together to create a moment of joy and celebration in someone’s life. I am thankful to all the people who have trusted me over the years to share their special day. I'm hoping someday to be a part of yours!

Do check out my tryst in the kitchen in “What’s Cooking” which has recipes from around the world and from my family.

About Me.

My food journey started when I was 6 years old, a very impressionable age for me. Like a lot of food stories, my journey began with my grandmother. I was the eldest grand daughter and she took it upon herself to prepare me for domestic life at a very early age. I felt special, because I had her attention and was an eager learner. We lived with her on her farm for a couple of years. We raised everything from a variety of crops and vegetables to poultry, cattle, fruits, fish, pet animals... everything. Not to mention beautiful flowers - we had sprawling field of golden marigolds.

I skipped and hopped through the aisles of fertile fields. I watched the paddy grow golden from being just random grass in pool of water. I helped the farmers reap, thrash, boil and bring it home to make rice. I helped my grandmother pick fresh vegetables from her garden where we had planted them. I learned to clean and chop them. I learned to slaughter, skin, clean and cook poultry at that tender age. I learned to fire the traditional clay stove we used for cooking. We cooked under a full moon, with light flooding through our little kitchen window, while we chatted and laughed and admired the dancing shadows thrown by the flames. We tasted the first extract from the palm tree, used to make palm jaggery, at the break of dawn. We caught fish and cooked them in our little clay oven. I learnt to knead beautiful dough to make the perfect paratha, the one with layers and layers of ghee smeared on it and then fried perfectly to a crisp.

My life-long affair with fresh ingredients and great food cooked with love was joyously, spontaneously yet meticulously kindled in me, along with a host of other things, by my grandmother. I have endless memories from those days. I believe great food is part of who we are and it's always special because of the stories.

After dabbling with many different things, from a corporate job to interior designing to other forms of creative expression, I gave in to my passion and love for food. I got a diploma in baking to hone my skills. The first cake I made was for my elder son's birthday, 11 years back. It was a big red ladybug, since he loved them. The joy in his eyes was priceless and I was hooked. I've since then tiptoed into sharing people's joy in their special moments by helping them tell their stories through cakes. Could I help you tell yours?