North American Mutton Stew

27 February 2015

North American Mutton Stew

North American Mutton Stew

27 February 2015
Prep Time
Cook Time
1hr 15 min
6 Person

This recipe is adapted from the “Idaho Beef Stew”. I live in a no-beef country. As in one can’t buy raw beef to cook at home, but the irony is one can always go and have a beef burger at the nearest burger joint. I don’t get this prejudice against normal people cooking beef at home. But that’s how it is. It used to bother me to no end. But I have learnt to accept it. When I did crave for beef so much, I had wonderful, sympathetic friends, who flew down from Dubai (not to brag) with beef. Well that much was my desperation. But once I visited the butcher market in Pune, which happened to be by far the largest butcher shop I have ever seen in my entire life, my fancy towards beef have lessened. Now I am happy with the occasional burger and steak at my favorite restaurants. 

Coming back to this dish that I cooked today. I replaced the beef with the famous Delhi Mutton. The reddest thing in my stew was the Delhi winter carrot, therefore a much healthier version. This is a beautiful dish. The first time I cooked it was decades ago. For some reason I remembered it as a complicated recipe, thus never cooked again in spite of my husband's repeated request. Today I was wondering as I was licking my fingers, why had’t I cooked it all these years. As with all stew, it does take a long time. But I put a timer and took a nap, that is how simple it is.

Utensil/ Appliance

A heavy bottomed sauce pan


Meat: 750 g (with or without bones)

Carrots: 2 large, cut into thick slices

Peas: 60g

Onions: 1 large, chopped

Oil: 30 ml

Meat stock: 375 ml

Black coffee: 125ml

Dried oregano: 1 tsp

Bay leaf: 1

Salt and pepper to serve


In the sauce pan heat 1 tbsp oil and add the onions and carrots. Fry for about 8 minutes till lightly browned. Then take them out and keep aside. Add another tablespoon of oil to the pan and brown them, all around in medium to high heat. This should take another 8 minutes in two batches. Return the carrots and onions back to the pan. Add the flour and the remaining oil and cook for a minute stirring constantly. Then add the coffee, stock, oregano and bay leaf. Bring to boil and cook stirring often till the sauce thickens. Reduce heat, cover and cook in simmer for an hour or till the meat is tender. Add peas and simmer for another 5 minutes and serve hot with mashed potatoes.