Ma’s Mutton Biriyani

Tricolor Vegetable Terrine

Stir Fried Paneer

Tahini Baked Fish

10 Minute Zucchini Surprise

Crunchy HoneyOats Breakfast

Wholemeal Rolls

Lemon Honey Chicken with Mustard Mayonnaise

Jhingé-Aloo Posto

Pulao with Spinach & Cottage Cheese/ Palak Paneer Pulao

The Pita & Tahini

Rahu in Mustard Sauce or Shorshe Bata Rui Mach

Dahi Aloo or Potatoes in Youghurt Sauce

Long-whiskered Catfish with black pepper aka Aar macher Jhol

Cholé Bhaturé

There-is-nothing-to-eat Chicken